Established in 1999, M&L Service & Maintenance

has solidified its position over the years as a reliable

and efficient service provider within the commercial business

of property maintenance. Due to its dedication, the 

company's credibility has become well established over 13 years of partnership with several financial institutions. 

The Strong commitment toward customer service has been the tenet of M&L Service & Maintenance. The entire company has been built and still stands on the fact that all phone correspondences are handled by Mr. Gary Panarello, the owner of the company, for our 24-hours-a-day and 365-days-a-year service. Furthermore, in order to meet the needs of our clients, we at M&L Service & Maintenance maintain a wide range of qualifications which include our growing Construction Department. 





We always ensure that our staff has the extensive knowledge needed in order to provide unparalleled service to our contracted clients.
Exceptional expertise, complemented with extensive industry knowledge, makes
M&L Service & Maintenance the ideal choice for a building maintenance company.